straight forward health and safty advice 
No one should use a floor-cleaning machine unless they have been trained how to use it safely Always check that the machine has been P.A.T. tested and that the cable and plug are not damaged in any way. Do not use the machine if it has a damaged cable or plug. Do not tamper with electrical connections - a competent electrician must carry out any electrical repair work that is required. Guards and safety devices that are fitted to cleaning machines are provided for personal protection and must not be removed or interfered with - it is an offence to do so. When using the machine keep the guards that are fitted to it in position at all times. To reduce the risk of electric shock when using 240-volt equipment, plug an RCD (Residual Current-operated Device) into the socket, unless the building already has protected circuits. When using the machine: check the operation of the safety switches to make sure that they are working correctly; if the machine is vacuum assisted, check that the vacuum bag is empty before you start; make sure that the base plate is not distorted and that the pad / brush is properly attached before the machine is switched on; adjust the handle so that it is at a suitable height for you to use; keep the cable well away from the work area at all times; if you are undertaking floor scrubbing or stripping, put out "wet floor" signs; stop using the machine if you notice you are being affected by hand-arm vibration; do not leave cleaning equipment running whilst it is unattended and if unattended leave in a safe position. when you have finished the work; clean down the machine; remove the base plate and pad; hang up the base plate and then wash the pads.
Work precautions