straight forward health and safty advice 
No one should attempt to erect, alter or dismantle a mobile tower until they have receiving proper training Attending a PASMA (Prefabricated Aluminium Scaffold Manufactures Association), or equivalent training course, will provide the required level of training. Where the work at height assessment indicates that a mobile tower is the best choice, then it should be provided with double guard rails and have toe boards to minimise the likelihood of a fall, and should have a ‘built-in’ access ladder, preferably on the inside of the tower. Each manufacturer has their own specific requirements on how their tower should be built and dismantled; which must always be done using a safe method of work. There are two approved methods recommended by the PASMA, which have been developed in co-operation with the Health and Safety Executive. As a broad guide, the maximum height of a mobile scaffold should not be more than three times the minimum base width for outside use, and three and a half times for inside use. Outriggers or ties must be used when these ratios are exceeded. A competent person must inspect the tower, and make a record of this, when the tower is erected and before it is first used; and then every seven days if the tower remains in the same place. Keep the working platform, free of nonessential materials and do not use the tower for support purposes at any time. Never use boxes, steps and so on, to gain extra height from the working platform – always add an extra lift.
Work precautions