straight forward health and safty advice 
Keep work, stores and mess areas in a clean, tidy and safe condition Remove rubbish to an agreed position. Combustible materials and rubbish are a fire hazard if they are not stored correctly or moved from the workplace. Always: keep all gangways, aisles and stairways clear; keep access to stores areas clear; tie up, or protect, trailing leads; make sure that rubbish is not left lying about, by cleaning up off-cuts, packing materials, etc as the work progresses – do not allow rubbish to accumulate; wipe up spilt oil, grease of liquids from floors, and dispose of them safely; establish a refuse disposal point in the work area where the waste can be stored safely and where contamination of drains or land will not occur; stack and store materials / substances correctly, so that there is no risk of contamination if there is a spillage; check that there is a fully charged fire extinguisher near by in case of fire. Look after the environment by managing waste in your work area and making sure that the correct waste procedures are followed. You can help by keeping your work area tidy. Different types of waste should be separated, and disposed of in accordance with the workplace rules. Do not discharge any chemicals or substances down the drains without first checking the correct disposal procedure for them.
Work precautions